Stand up paddling is a modern sport that focuses on strength/cardio training in order to maintain your fitness body in its best form. Other reason that SUPPING-Stand up paddling is so popular today is because it is simple to get start with.  Inflating your air paddle board is really easy and takes only a few minutes to get fully set-up. As Aztron applies a unique Double Chamber board construction on all of our air SUPs, to make sure you get the most possible out of your board, here is a step-by-step guide to show you…

How to inflate your Aztron Double Chamber Stand up paddle board?







1. Unpack the board in an area with no sharp rocks or objects. Take your inflatable paddle board out of the SUP gear bag, and fully unroll it with the valve facing up.







2. Make sure the PIN in the valve (white cap) is upright before you start to inflate the board. If it’s not, all your hard work will come hissing straight back out as soon as you unplug the pump. Double check this step is very important. 







3. Next, get your Aztron Hand Pump and connect the hose by pushing and twisting it. One end will attach to the Inner Chamber valve on the board, and the other to the “OUT” Valve on the pump. *If you prefer to inflate with other Aztron Pumps, such as E-pump or Triple Action Pump, refer to the instruction on “How to use other pump to inflate your board?”






4. Double check these ends are both attached nice and tight. Always, inflate the Inner Chamber first, then the Outer Chamber. 






5. Hold the pump down by placing your feet on either side of it, and check you can see the PSI guage clearly. 






6. Pump your paddle board. Repeat until you get to the recommended PSI level. We recommend firstly pump the Inner Chamber to 2PSI and then pump the Outer Chamber to 2PSI. Secondly, pump the Inner Chamber to 15PSI first, then pump the Outer Chamber to the maximum 15PSI






7.  As you get closer to the level of pressure you need, it will get harder to pump (not just because you’ll start getting tired). At the pump is Double Action pump, you can just the Double Action Mode for the first 1-8PSI, and switch to the Single Action Mode for the last phase up to 15PSI. Notice the Maximum pressure is 15PSI, over inflation will void your warranty.



8.  Once your board is fully pumped, detach the end of the hose from the valve by a counter-clockwise turn. Assuming you’ve followed STEP 2 correctly, the air shouldn’t suddenly rush out.



9.  Screw the cap over the valve and make sure it’s tight and secure.



10.  Then you can set-up the other accessories, such as Fin, Paddle and safety Leash before you heading out.



11.  Now you can hit to the water!

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