How to choose your AZTRON foil?
Engineered for high-speed performance and maximum efficiency.

Our 2023 foil rang is
the most comprehensive,
modular and powerful
design to date. Here is a
guide to help you choose
your foil set.

Aspect Ratio
The Aspect Ratio (AR) is the key to understanding the performance of range of foils, and this should be your first guide in choosing a front wing.

The AR is the ratio between surface area and wingspan.

Foils with a low-to-mid AR will be thicker and rounder. These foils are more stable, turn and pivot well, have plenty of lift and will help you take-off easily. The high AR foil will be thinner and longer, and thus produces less drag and gives high efficient ride and high speed.

The higher the AR, the better the foil performs for experienced riders. The AR also influence the turning radius of each foil. With equal areas, a higher AR makes wider turns.

Low Aspect

More Stable Lift
Earlier Take Off
Lower Top Speed

High Aspect

Higher Performance
Slower to Take Off
Higher Top Speed

1450H and 1800H

The 1450 has undergone a radical evolution in the 2023 season. Both 1450H (AR 6.0) and 1800H (AR 5.6) are designed for advanced rider or lighter wind days. The high wingspan to chord ratio, with a relatively thin profile is great for lift, speed, glide and pumpability.

  • • Upwind speed and efficiency for wingfoiling
  • • High lift low drag and pumpability
1650 and 2000

The performance 1650 (AR 4.8) and 2000 (AR 5.1) front wings are more versatile foils, they offer great for freeriding and carving. These wings are unbelievably stable. They provide newer riders confidence to try more maneuvers and progress quickly.

  • • Performance crossover Wing/SUP/Surf foil
  • • Pitch stability
  • • Incredible stable
  • • Slow stall-speed
  • • Maximum control

The stabilizer is just as important in your foil system as the front wing. The stabilizer will influence the behavior of the entire foil and helps to boost your ride and bring different sensations and performance even with the same front wing. An AR of 5 is the most accessible and is recommended to learn how to foil. The most versatile and best performing is around AR 6.0. It's medium span. The AR of 8 to 9.0 is reserved for experienced riders. It offers an incredible glide if you have sufficient speed and brings good maneuverability.

Low Aspect

Low-aspect is
important for
beginners. Bigger
stab will bring more
stability and lift.

High Aspect

Less drag and be
more efficient.
More speed, maneuverability,
and tighter turns.


The length of the fuselage will also influence your ride.

The length of your fuselage influences the pace of pumping as well. A shorter fuselage will require a bit more effort and faster pace in pumping to get up and start flying.

Long fuselage

Bring more stability

Short fuselage

Lead to more
and tighter turns

It is easier to learn wing foil on a shorter mast. All AZTRON foil system comes with a 70cm Mast set (1450H with 60cm Mast). The shorter masts fall will be gentler and riders will feel more stable when you get up. A shorter mast is also idea for shallow water sessions.

A long mast offers more leverage and is good for choppy conditions. With a higher mast, you can make more aggressive turns in the waves.
Aluminium Masts
Aluminium masts are more impact-resistant and easier to learn.
Carbon Fiber Tech
All of AZTRON foils are made from pre-preg carbon, which makes them incredibly strong and stiff. It gives great ratio in both bending and torsion while keep enough comfort for any kind of practice.